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Mission Beach is the central San Diego beach neighborhood south of Pacific Beach & La Jolla and north of Ocean Beach. Mission Beach real estate consists of beach homes & condos on Ocean Front Walk, Bayside Walk, Avalon Ct, Brighton Ct, Mission Blvd and much more A-Z classic beach town names. The primary geography that separates Mission Beach from Pacific Beach is that Mission Beach consists only of the strip of land separating the Pacific Ocean from Mission Bay. This unique geography makes Mission Beach somewhat of a goldmine when it comes to real estate.

A good percentage of the properties are on Ocean Front Walk or Bayside Walk, but all properties are within steps to the beach and the bay. As an investment opportunity Mission Beach real estate has an outstanding return on investment, vacation rental history and quality of life. Many of the properties can be rented out weekly in the peak summer months (June to September) for about $1,000-$1,500 per bedroom per week with around a 5%-10% vacancy rate to tourists from warmer climates like Arizona, Nevada & El Centro. While the winter monthly rates, rent for around $700-$1000 per bedroom per week with around a 50% vacancy rate to tourists from colder climates in the Midwest, back east and Canada.

Although small, Mission Beach is a fairly diverse community. South Mission Beach has less traffic on the Blvd, Boardwalk and beaches, but there are fewer restaurants/shops within walking distance. North of the Roller Coaster is North Mission Beach, where there are more shops, restaurants, commercial and only a short walk to Pacific Beach.  We work, live and play in the Mission Beach neighborhood, and know the area better than any of the general San Diego real estate brokers. When it comes to buying and selling in Mission Beach we can provide you with the expertise that will make the process as enjoyable as living in your dream home.

Currently, Ocean Front Walk prices are averaging around $1,000-$1,300 per square foot depending on location on the strand, condition of building, parking layout and amenities. However, there is only a finite amount of land to build in Mission Beach, and the demand for beach front real estate will never go away. Ocean Front Walk real estate gives way to panoramic ocean views, a busy boardwalk and a front yard being the Pacific Ocean. 
Bayside Walk prices are averaging around $1,000 sq foot and has held pretty steady over the past few years, and there is never that many properties for sale on Bayside Walk. Bayside Walk real estate is quieter, with morning sunshine, less boardwalk traffic and great evening night light views.

Mission Beach Court properties such as Devon Ct, Kingston Ct, Jamaica Ct, Salem Ct, Toulon Ct and more have come down in quite a bit from their all-time highs of 2005. Generally, these 2-4 Br homes/condos have small courtyards, 3 stories, decks, roof decks and some have peak water views. These are great investments for 2nd homes, vacation rentals, college family investments or just that house at the beach which is never more than a few steps to the sand.





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Pacific Beach offers an exciting restaurant/night life; Garnet Avenue and Mission Blvd shopping districts with hundreds of shops and opportunities; golden sands with resorts and hotels along the coastline; beachfront dining with spectacular views; surfing competitions; beach beauties; dolphins in the waves . . . offering an endless summer for the resident or tourist. 70 degrees and sunny almost all year long.

Pacific Beach consists of a balance mix of working families, local residents of many years, students from University of San Diego, San Diego State and UCSD and vacationing tourists.  The main portion of Pacific Beach centers around Garnet Ave, Grand Ave and Pacific Beach Drive where a mix of single family, condos and new construction are sprinkled amongst places such as the Catamaran Hotel, Tower 23 hotel/restaurant, World Famous and great shopping/dining. Crown Point is more densely concentrated with residential/single family homes close to Mission Bay and North Pacific Beach sits up north of the commercial district with great views of Mission Beach, Mission Bay and Downtown San Diego.  

Much care has been given to the development of Pacific Beach, exemplified by the citizen sponsored 30 foot height limitation passed in the 1970’s. Preservation of their unique community values had become a priority for the residents of Pacific Beach. The spirit of those times is alive today as the local folk walk or bicycle around the beach with a casual carefree attitude that is positively infectious. Pacific Beach Real Estate is as varied as the local residents. From tiny cottages near the beach, to condos and apartments on the ‘flats’, larger bungalows on Crown Point, to hillside homes with commanding views of the Pacific Ocean, there exist Pacific Beach real estate investment opportunities to compliment any lifestyle.





Chris Love Costal PropertiesExperience a little taste of Europe within the city limits of San Diego. La Jolla is one of the most affluent and beautiful communities in America. Prime streets such as Prospect Place/Girard in The Village, Calle del Oro in La Jolla Shores or Neptune in Windansea.  Wandering through the town past sidewalk cafes, fine restaurants and art galleries provides residents and visitors alike the sense of being on a perennial vacation. Add to this the world renowned educational facilities of Scripps Institute of Oceanography, the Stephen Birch Aquarium and Museum and the University of California San Diego (UCSD) and you readily see why La Jolla real estate is so much in demand.

You will find a wide variety of La Jolla homes from ocean view to cozy cottages and exclusive beach front mansions. The Village of La Jolla has great turnkey condos/townhomes, the Muirlands/LJ Scenic area gives way to large, spacious panoramic view homes, La Jolla shores boasts pristine single/split level beach cottages and Windansea Beach has a mix of homes/condos next to world famous surf.

There is no doubt La Jolla is the dream community for the United States; from computer technology and bio-science research; beach front and views; property and business; recreation and history. It is within miles of some of the greatest art galleries in the country, hi-tech establishments, cultural exchange, white sand beaches and near the heart of San Diego. When you are looking to move to an upscale area, be sure to check out La Jolla real estate in San Diego.